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Served with miso soup & green salad
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Maki Set B (18 pcs)

A: 6 pcs each: California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll & Unagi Roll B: 6 pcs...
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Maki Set A (18 pcs)

6 pcs each: California Roll,Tuna Roll and Salmon Roll
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Vegetable Set ( 18 pcs)

Maki 3 pcs each: Cucumber, Avocado, Gobo, Oshinko, Mushroom, Kanpyo
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Temaki Set (3 pcs)

A: Tuna, Salmon and California Hand Roll B: All Spicy
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Hotate Set (11 pcs)

Dice Scallop mixed in Spicy Mayonnaise, 8 pcs Maki, 2 pcs Sushi and 1 pc...